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They're armed, they're unprofessional and they're going to ruin your wedding day if you aren't careful.  (And stories of victimized vendors.)


Haven't seen anything about tacky photographers yet, so here's a story: my SIL hired a photographer from out-of-town to shoot her wedding, and she got several hundred photos back, with the bill. Included amongst the shots were not only the ceremony and the reception, but also shots from the party afterwards. The photographer (a stranger to the couple) had not only invited himself to the party, and then taken pictures of the guests drinking and relaxing — and then, presumably billed the couple for the pictures — but even took AND included in the package, pictures of himself partying!!

I love this page! It's fascinating in that sick, car-wreck kind of
way. :)

I'm not sure which category this would go under, but I attended the wedding of a coworker a couple of years ago during which the minister did something extremely tacky. The couple did not want to bride to say "obey" in her part of the vows, and they had gone around and around about this with the minister, who pressured her repeatedly to do it "the traditional way".

It finally reached a point where they said, "Look, this is how we want it to be, and if you're that uncomfortable with it, maybe we should find someone else to perform the ceremony." Upon hearing that he apologized, said he'd honor their wishes, and dropped the matter.

Then during the ceremony, as the minister was having the bride repeat, "I promise to love, honor...", he suddenly leaned towards her with the most self-satisfied grin imaginable on his face and added in a very exaggerated tone, "AND OBEY!"

The bride visibly recoiled in sheer shock at this, and those of us who knew about the couple's request gasped out loud. Unfortunately, she was so flabbergasted and felt so put on the spot that she squeaked out, "and obey." I was sad that she didn't stand her ground, but when some self-important weasel puts you on the spot like that right in the middle of the ceremony it must be terribly hard to know what to do.

How very tacky for him to ignore their wishes for their own wedding and pressure her into doing something she didn't want to in front of an entire church full of people like that. What a jerk!

Our florist was found through the help of the Field's Wedding Guide for my city. My MOH and I interviewed several florists but decided on Horatio because he was charming, agreeable and had some lovely photographs in his scrapbook. We met several times to discuss the arrangements and various bouquets. The throw-away bouquet was to be a miniature of my bouquet with lilies, gardenias, roses and orchids, tied with long flowing satin ribbons for a nice toss.

During the phototaking after the ceremony, we were to have a picture taken of the wedding book and throw-away bouquet. What bouquet? Horatio said we never discussed it and he had the paperwork to prove it. Out of his pocket comes the work order. There, in the middle of the order, in big letters, circled, was "throw-away bouquet, mini of bride's - $50". Don't worry, he said, he'd take care of if. He then proceeded to go to various arrangements, snatch out flowers. And then he found a gift and swiped the ribbon off of it and tied it all together. He pronounced the order filled. The bouquet didn't flow very well. It landed with a thud in the hands of hubby's teenage niece.

I could go on about how he botched my bouquet by not hand-wrapping it and how the rounded willowy bridesmaids' bouquets looked like Statue of Liberty torches, but I think flower snatching to somehow fulfill his order says it all. Tacky, tacky, tacky.