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Hello, I think your Etiquette from Hell page is right to the point ( and   excellent) I want to share 3 stories with you:

1. Once I received a wedding invitation from a couple. At the bottom of  the invitation it read, "Wishing well wedding, $20.00 and up only." Can you   believe it? I was appalled, and no, I did not attend.

2. I am finding more and more that people are not appreciative. That is why I  turn down a lot of invitations. Here is another true experience of mine,  this time it's graduation: My cousin was graduating from college. Now I had went out of my way helping   her through her practicum experience, running things off, making sure she   received them, even though I was busy myself. Did I get thanked? NO!
Anyway, She was to graduate from college, I did not receive an invitation,  she CALLED me THE DAY BEFORE the graduation and ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO COME.  And I had to PICK UP THE TICKET. ( BTW , I ended up going to her house  twice, cause the first time she wasn't home). Now I was quite shocked since  I had gone out of my way to assist her through her practicum. Since she was  family, I went. I bought her a gift ( only because her mother bought me one at my graduation,), could not catch  up with her, she did not return my phone calls, so finally two months later,  I dropped the gift off at her mother's house because I was tired of carrying  it around in my car ( I know I should have kept it) Did she call to say  Thank you, H*%# NO! I had to call her and DEMAND a thank you and then chew  her out. Now she wants me to help her with something else, I THINK NOT, and
NEVER AGAIN There is absolutely no excuse for bad manners, and she was  taught better than this.

3. One more true story. I was invited to a wedding recently. The invitation read, please join US as we get married in Pickett Park ( not the real park name) on June 12, 1999 at 3:15 SHARP! Drive down Wilson Avenue  and make a left at South Street. Any questions call 555-3312.  How's that for any invitation? This was typed on a half sheet of paper,  misspelled words and all! No bride and groom names were on the "invitation", just "us".

Love your site (you hear that all the time !), but we tied our knot at the town courthouse, so not much rude could happen there ! It was so nice to skip the gift grab, too...

Anyway, this is today's Dear Abby column. I don't know if you can use it, but if nothing else, it's a good read !

Thanks again for a fun site !

Mrs. Dorrie J.


Get a load of this pre-wedding announcement. It was delivered via my mailbox at work. I thought I had seen it all, but this takes the cake. With a former co-worker like this, I'm happy I didn't win their lottery. If you print this, please delete all names and addresses. I still work with friends of this couple. - HAPPY TO LOSE THE LOTTERY

DEAR HAPPY: Your enclosure is a first, and I must admit I have  never seen anything quite like it. Read on: "Dear Friends of 'Elmer' and 'Gladys': Our wedding will be a  small but poignant affair held at a log home in the woods in beautiful southern Wisconsin. Due to the physical nature of the  wedding area, there will not be enough space for all the friends and relatives we would dearly love to invite. "After pondering a number of alternatives, we decided that a lottery would be the most equitable manner of dealing with the  space/disappointment problem. We have, indeed, already held
this lottery with your name included, but alas, it is our sad duty to inform you that your name does not appear on the winners list. Nevertheless, our good wishes go out to you, and
when our gift from you arrives at the address below, we will thank you in absentia.

"With regrets and respect, ELMER SMITH AND GLADYS JONES"

READERS: Care to comment?

Dorrie's comment : Great ! I could afford a gift of absentia...