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Bridal Showers

1999 Archive

I received an invite to a bachelorette party given in honor of a dear friend of mine. I have been friends with the bride-to-be since kindergarten. The party was being thrown by her sorority sisters. I had not been consulted about the plans in advance and had never met the hostesses, but received an invitation to pay $200 to attend the party. The party was a weekend in Tahoe and the $200 was to cover my hotel accommodations (which I would be sharing with 3 other girls) and the expenses of the bride. I called to inform the hostess that I could not attend, (I am in Grad school and could not afford the $200) she was not home, so I left a message on her answering machine. Later that evening, she called and cursed me out for declining. Apparently, they had figured the cost of the weekend and divided it by the number of guests invited, so my decision to not attend was making them $200 short. Tough poop! She had the nerve to tell me that I was rude for turning down her invitation!

Hope you can use this on your utterly hilarious page!

A friend of mine was the MOH for a mutual friend, and I was the only other bridesmaid. A few months before the wedding I told the groom that the MOH and I wanted to host a bridal shower, and he said his mother was planning on hosting one. The bride is excruciatingly shy, and his family is a little difficult anyway, so he thought it would be better if we hosted the bridal shower so that some of her friends would be at it as well, and not just his family. I told him we were willing to host a separate bridal shower for the friends, if his mom really wanted to host the family one. He contacted his mother and told her we planned to do one, and could include or not include the family as she desired. She told him to let us host the only party. When I asked her for names and addresses for family members to send invitations, she said she would do the inviting herself. She received the info on date, time, etc., and told the groom that there would be about 30 family members attending. We expected about 10 or fewer friends from our circle. A few days before the party we asked the groom to confirm the numbers so we would know how much food etc. to prepare - his mom confirmed the numbers.

The day of the shower, we made food, fancy little sandwiches, cookies, appetizers, homemade chocolate cake, etc., and prepared the house. The party was to be a surprise to the bride, and as the time that the B&G were due to arrive drew near, and no one from the family had arrived, we got worried. The B&G arrived, the six of us there said, "Surprise!" and the groom called his mother to find out what was happening. No answer. Turns out his mother never invited any of the family members, never told any of them a bridal shower was happening, nothing'. No one would come to eat the mound of food we had spent large amounts of money and time to prepare.

We still managed to have a good time, and some male friends who had gathered nearby ended up buying some of the food off of us so we got a little money back.   But I couldn't believe that a mother would lie like that to ruin the bridal shower of her future daughter-in-law - when she wasn't even mad at the bride!

But what else should we have expected from her? She also became miffed about something and refused to attend the rehearsal or the rehearsal dinner (a casual affair at a pizza parlor). And at the wedding reception, which the groom paid for entirely, when she heard that he had told us to take the leftover coldcuts and rolls as we were hosting several overnight guests for the wedding, she ran in and started packing up the leftovers into her own refrigerator. Someone from the family even took the leftover wedding cake, including the set-aside top tier, and the bride and groom never got to eat any of it!

Hi! I love your webpage! I read each contribution from category to category   shaking my head. For my bridal shower I got a used Laundry Basket, with several little "gifts" wrapped in newspaper. The one candy dish appeared not  to be opened and examined, but inside it was a gift tag to "Grandma from  Sadie". My name is Debbie. and I'm not a grandma. Then the next gift appeared  to be a salad spinner. It had one of those circle stick on labels from garage sales. "15 cents" it read. Last but not least were some towels. They
appeared also to be washed, because they smelled like Downy. Figure people  out.

Hi, I just wandered onto your site and had to tell you my Bridal Shower story. I was the Matron of Honor for my sister's wedding. My sister's future Mother In Law realizing it was MY job to throw the bridal shower phoned me with a "simple" proposition. Since I live 23 hours away and wouldn't be able to sponsor the bridal shower, I could simply send her a check for $500 and she would have the shower for me. She even had all kinds of ideas, have the shower at her house, serve lunchmeat sandwiches, play a few games. I'm not sure exactly where the $500 came from as a shower like that wouldn't cost that much. Anyway, I declined sending her the money so she didn't have that shower although friends and co-workers had several. When I was introduced to her at the rehearsal dinner, she said, "Oh, you're the cheap one that deprived your sister of a bridal shower". That was all we spoke the entire time we were in town for the wedding.

I stumbled across your page and just had to share this shower story.

I recently attended a bridal shower for my boyfriends cousin's bride-to-be. We received the invitation with the usually info, time, place, where the bride-to-be was registered. Oh yeah and on the back of the invite it said a stripper would be arriving at such and such time and they understood if you wanted to leave before then. A little strange for a shower! Specially since the guests at the shower were much older and not the so "laid back" type.

Then we went to the department store she was resisted to see what was on "the list". Most registries that I've seen have the normal house hold items etc. but this one was more like a birthday list including such items as mascara, blush, her perfume, a robe, etc. Needless to say she didn't get any of the personal items she wanted. I guess she was a little confused about what a shower was because when she opened a gift/card and it said to "Jane" AND "John" she shouted, "Why is HIS name on the card!!!"

I am a bridesmaid in a what can only be described as a white trash wedding. The wedding local is near the college where the bride attended (she is marring a local guy) so of course the shower was up there to. A three hour drive from my house. The bride to be told me there would be 20 guests, so I prepared food for 20. After driving for 3 hours and being lost for a half hour in an area that reminded me of the movie Children of the Corn. My friend (whom I had dragged along for support) arrive at a house that looked as if it was condemned. Twenty people turned in to 7 (including the bride, myself, and my friend). The brides mother was not invited to the shower!!! I picked up her registry which included Super Soakers (the kids water gun) and 3 (yes 3) bikes. I purchased a set of pans. We played no games, so the prizes were handed out. I received a dish towel and three Hershey's miniature chocolates.

The it was time to open gifts. She received my pans, my friend purchased towels, the maid of honor bought her a quilted wedding album (purchased from a garage sale & and was dirty), and a hand made white chocolate penis with dark chocolate veins. I knew the bride and my friend and no one else so no one talked to each other. It was the longest afternoon of my life!!!